Corporate and company law

Our Approach

We advise company managements and company owners on general questions of corporate and company law, as well as specific and complex matters. Our team is managed by partners who bring to the table the broad range of expertise they have built up in over 20 years of professional experience, and who understand precisely what their clients expect: we offer incisive analytical and conceptual skills, thorough knowledge of how businesses work, familiarity with a broad range of sectors and business management experience. Our clients choose us because we stand for solid, binding and cost-aware solutions that have a strong hands-on quality. As a boutique firm, we can offer greater flexibility than large law firms in the way we support our clients, and work together with them to find pragmatic solutions. We apply professional project management approaches when we take on larger projects.



Food and drink, life sciences, Pharma and automotive.

Mergers and acquisitions

We support clients through every stage of a deal, focusing in particular on acquisitions, mergers and sales, including advice for carrying out due diligence. As we look at every M&A transaction from the legal, strategic and tactical perspective, we are able to offer optimised, tailor-made solutions in each individual case. We also frequently represent our clients in the merger registration process with the Federal Competition Authority, and coordinate the necessary merger registration procedures in other jurisdictions.

Reorganisations and Restructurings

We can advise you on any kind of reorganisation or restructuring – be it in connection with specific measures you are planning to take, or if you would like to assess your business or company for any necessary optimisation. We offer solutions for family businesses as well as international corporations. Working together with long-trusted partners, we can also ensure that you achieve the ideal result from a taxation point of view.

Compliance & Corporate Governance

When providing compliance advice, we identify legal risks, determine the specific actions needed and recommend organisational measures that will counter the risks present. We are always happy to take on compliance and corporate governance projects that ensure the implementation of the desired standards.

Commercial and Distribution Law/Competition Law

We advise manufacturers and suppliers, sales agents, contract negotiators, franchisors and franchisees on an ongoing basis in connection with national and international commercial contracts. We can also advise on all questions of transport law. We frequently solve problems of competition law relating to our clients’ distribution activities, including those that involve questions of EU law.

Business recovery/restructuring/insolvency

Ideally, restructuring measures are taken in order to avoid a crisis situation. When the first signs of a crisis are apparent, or a business is already in crisis, we can provide advice and support for the challenging process of implementing the necessary structural changes. Even when a company is insolvent and the management is obliged to petition for bankruptcy, there can be a significant interest in restructuring the business and continuing to trade. Our experts analyse legal and practical feasibility in such situations and support implementation. A well-prepared insolvency process, overseen by lawyers, can pave the way for successful business recovery. We are highly experienced in the dynamics that affect family businesses in particular when facing a crisis.


Legal or formerly legal entities sometimes need to be formally liquidated without any requirement for restructuring or insolvency. We can carry out the entire liquidation process on behalf of the owner. We provide advice to the managing director of the company to be liquidated on all questions related to the process, or may be appointed as liquidators ourselves to execute the entire process up to dissolution of the legal entity.

Company law conflict resolution

We are able to combine our expertise in company law and in case management, so that in cases of company law disputes we can intervene in contentious company general meetings with out-of-court measures, or assert your interests in court.

Copyright, trademarks and industrial design rights

We provide intellectual property rights consultation including protection of trademarks and industrial designs, as well as contract formulation and evaluation, and asserting your rights in court and out of court. Our team of experts can also assist you with legal questions related to internet domains, and offer support in M&A and due diligence processes.

General terms and conditions

We can draft new general terms and conditions of business (GTC) or review existing GTC – irrespective of the type of business and whether the GTC apply to business with consumers or companies. We can also advise you on data protection law matters for your customer relationships and online marketing – for example by drafting or reviewing required declarations of consent and contracts.

Art and culture

From companies in the creative industries, public institutions, artists and cultural institutions to distribution companies, publishing houses, authors, film producers, collectors and exhibitors – we can advise every player in the art and culture sector, across every aspect of the law. This ranges from copyright questions to, in particular, contract law, events law, business and trade law as well as procurement law, sponsorship and grants. We can also represent our clients in all of these areas in court and out-of-court-disputes.

Technology, media and telecommunications

We offer advice in IT, software and technology law as well as in media and information (or freedom of information) law. These services include reviewing and drafting licence agreements, overseeing approval and licensing procedures, asserting our clients’ rights in court and out of court, and providing consultation for carrying out M&A transactions and due diligence processes. We have specialised know-how in matters concerning open content, open source and open access.

Labour law

We advise our clients on matters of individual labour law – concerning the relationship between employer and employee (for example employment contracts) – as well as collective labour law, including drawing up works agreements, or reviews in relation to collective agreements. We also provide consultation on constitutional labour law and labour law compliance, and if required can represent you in court and out-of-court-disputes.

Professional Updates

Professional Updates

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