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Our aspirations
See us as a sparring
partner – not someone
who always knows better.

  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Dynamism
  • Freedom
  • Trust

The foundation of our work isexcellent market knowledge and legal expertise that is always up-to-date. We don’t just see ourselves as legal support – we regularly bring our clients together for networking purposes, creating potential for synergies and cooperations on various levels between the most diverse sectors.

We demand of ourselves that we work with the highest degree of precision and legal accuracy. We are able to achieve this because each one of us loves what they do.

With an eye for what is really important, we respond individually to the challenges and requirements of each of our clients. We don’t waste clients’ time with lengthy theoretical explanations – instead we get straight to the relevant conclusions and specific recommendations.

Thanks to our concise, pinpointed advice and support, our clients always have an overview of all their options. Knowing what you can and cannot do frees you to concentrate on day-to-day running of your business.

Our clients value the way we communicate as equals, as well as our complete transparency when it comes to billing. But above all they trust us because we present individual solutions quickly and efficiently.

Firm in Transition


Sebastian Feuchtmüller and Benedikt Stockert establish law firm Feuchtmüller Stockert Rechtsanwälte, with a team of seven.

small_logoStartFeuchtmüller Stockert Rechtsanwälte


At the beginning of 2019, procurement law specialist Karlheinz Moick joins the firm as its third name partner. The firm’s name is changed to Feuchtmüller Stockert Moick Rechtsanwälte, with 11 staff-members in total.



Hannes Havranek and Dörk Pätzold also join as partners and expand the firm’s corporate and company law practice. The firm is now called FSM Rechtsanwälte, and grows to become a proud team of over 20 people.


Real Estate Law

Our Approach

Just as every building requires solid foundations, every property transaction requires solid legal advice. With our in-depth market knowledge and cutting-edge legal expertise, you can trust us to lay the right foundations for the success of your real estate project.

In addition to extensive experience in the efficient and effective implementation of complex real estate projects and transactions, our highly-specialised team of property experts bring a wealth of business knowledge and technical know-how to the table. When it comes to property law, our clients come to us for assistance with all of their civil, administrative, tax and company-law related questions because they know we understand the challenges they face and the goals they are pursuing. They also benefit from our extensive network of architects, civil and structural engineers, tax advisers and certified appraiser as well as investors, bankers and real estate developers.



Building contractors, developers, investors, non-profit home building associations, institutional landlords, SMEs and private individuals.

Development law

A major focus of our firm’s consulting activities is providing legal advice to real estate developers and implementing projects in accordance with the Austrian Housing Development Contract Act (BTVG). We offer our clients comprehensive advice and support that encompasses acquisition of the property and implementation of construction projects (e.g. agreements with the contractors, easement and real burdens contracts and subdivision of properties), through to the sell-off of individual units and establishing residential ownership rights.

Property transactions

We support developers in the acquisition or sale of all classes of assets as well as in share and asset deals, focusing in particular on the transfer of commercial real estate, multiple-unit residential properties and property portfolios. FSM offers private individuals wide-ranging support for transactions concerning freehold apartments, single-family homes and building plots.

Tenancy and leasehold law

We provide our clients with comprehensive assistance and representation in all areas of tenancy law (relating to the Austrian Civil Code [ABGB], Austrian Rent Act [MRG] and the Austrian Non-Profit Housing Act [WGG]). This includes the drafting and checking of individual commercial rental agreements, especially for retail outlets, office spaces and logistics premises. We also have special expertise in the production of contract templates, in particular for shopping centre operators and institutional landlords of apartments. FSM can assist private individuals with the letting of their apartments or houses.


We offer full representation in legal and out-of-court disputes concerning all aspects of real estate law. In addition to transaction and leasehold-related disputes, this includes construction processes as well as representation for architects, surveyors and other professionals. Our clients rely on FSM’s expertise to represent them in both civil and administration law matters before all courts and authorities.

Legal opinions

Each member of our property law team has years of experience working as university assistants in the field of property law or has advanced academic qualifications in the subject. This means that – in addition to our expertise in implementing projects – we can also provide our clients with in-depth legal opinions on specific property-law related questions.

Estate agency law

We advise estate agents and their clients on all matters relating to estate agent agreements, especially with respect to securing the right to a commission and the amount of commission which may be charged under the law. We draft and check real estate agent contracts on a regular basis and assist our clients in asserting their claims to commission, or defending against unjustified commission claims.


Professional Updates

FSM Immo-Podcast

Procurement Law

Our Approach

Hardly any area of the law is as dynamic and multifaceted as procurement law. Our well-versed team of experts – all specialised procurement lawyers – put together legally and commercially optimised solutions for both buyers and suppliers. Because the 2018 Federal Public Procurement Act (Bundesvergabegesetz, BVergG) is part of an overall legal framework, we take a wide-reaching legal perspective when providing consultation. Our many years of first-hand experience from the procurer’s perspective enable us to guide you flexibly and individually through tendering projects – from design, to implementation and completion of the project – and to provide comprehensive support to suppliers biddings in such processes.



Federal ministries, regional government authorities, local authorities and associations of local authorities, hospital operators, social insurance carriers, universities, rail and road operators, energy suppliers, applicants and suppliers in all branches of industry.

Designing procurement projects

We offer comprehensive advice to public and private sector contract awarders for structuring the entire procurement process strategically. When it comes to complex procurement processes in particular, all of the legal options provided by the Federal Public Procurement Act need to be borne in mind from the beginning, so that the possible alternatives can be highlighted and the right course set. We see ourselves not just as providers of legal information, but as active partners in the process: we define responsibilities and draw up schedules that will bring our clients to their desired objectives. We are able to do this effectively because from the start we take account of potential challenges within the client’s organisation as well as the risks specific to the particular supplier sector.

Implementing procurement processes

We implement procurement processes for public and industry contract awarders, from preparing tender documents to contract award. This includes complete electronic implementation and communication with interested parties, applicants and bidders; formulating contract award criteria; preparing test reports and conducting bidder negotiations. Our legal expertise also includes implementing novel or complex procedures based on the Federal Public Procurement Act, such as dynamic procurement systems, innovation partnerships and concession awards.
Depending on the client’s needs, we can also provide support for individual parts of the tendering process: we can draw up the tender documents or elements of them, carry out quick checks of documents that have already been prepared, or prepare a jury for hearings with bidders and the subsequent evaluation process.

Bidder advice and evaluation of bids

We advise and represent companies in every aspect of participating in a procurement process under the Federal Public Procurement Act. Our lawyers can review tender documents and provide support for preparing participation applications and bids, as well as strategic preparation for negotiations. We also offer bidder workshops – tailored to specific sectors – covering procurement law, so that you can avoid making the typical mistakes when preparing a bid. We provide procurement law advice and representation to companies from numerous different sectors.

Legal opinions

Our procurement law experts have published and lectured widely. Based on this experience, we regularly produce opinions on complex questions and problems related to the application and interpretation of the Federal Public Procurement Act and European procurement guidelines. In preparing memos on procurement law, we always focus on the practical use and clarity of our opinions.

Innovation partnerships

The innovation partnership is one of the smartest improvements introduced by the 2018 Federal Public Procurement Act. It enables public procurers to collaborate with businesses and research institutions to develop innovations and to acquire them subsequently. As the ultimate procurement discipline, innovation partnerships bring opportunities and challenges. We have managed tender processes for innovation partnerships from the very beginning. We have extensive expertise in this area and experience in conducting best-practice processes.

Representation in court proceedings

As practising lawyers we regularly represent our clients in review and assessment procedures in the administrative courts as well as the Supreme Administrative Court, the Constitutional Court of Austria and the European Court of Justice.

A big-picture view

Procurement law comprises more than the Federal Public Procurement Act, and requires detailed knowledge of other areas of law. We offer the necessary expertise in civil and contract law, grants and subsidies law, compliance, and public law. In addition, we have many years of first-hand experience from the procurer’s perspective, giving us an in-depth understanding of the processes and demands of public and private sector contract awarders. A procurement project will only be successful if the legal, economic and technical requirements are all accommodated and reconciled.


Update Vergabe

Update Vergabe

Our newest update in public procurement law

13.10.2020EuGH: Null-Positionen sind kein Widerspruch zur AusschreibungRead now >

Email Update Vergabe

Corporate and company law

Our Approach

We advise company managements and company owners on general questions of corporate and company law, as well as specific and complex matters. Our team is managed by partners who bring to the table the broad range of expertise they have built up in over 20 years of professional experience, and who understand precisely what their clients expect: we offer incisive analytical and conceptual skills, thorough knowledge of how businesses work, familiarity with a broad range of sectors and business management experience. Our clients choose us because we stand for solid, binding and cost-aware solutions that have a strong hands-on quality. As a boutique firm, we can offer greater flexibility than large law firms in the way we support our clients, and work together with them to find pragmatic solutions. We apply professional project management approaches when we take on larger projects.



Food and drink, life sciences, Pharma and automotive.

Mergers and acquisitions

We support clients through every stage of a deal, focusing in particular on acquisitions, mergers and sales, including advice for carrying out due diligence. As we look at every M&A transaction from the legal, strategic and tactical perspective, we are able to offer optimised, tailor-made solutions in each individual case. We also frequently represent our clients in the merger registration process with the Federal Competition Authority, and coordinate the necessary merger registration procedures in other jurisdictions.

Reorganisations and Restructurings

We can advise you on any kind of reorganisation or restructuring – be it in connection with specific measures you are planning to take, or if you would like to assess your business or company for any necessary optimisation. We offer solutions for family businesses as well as international corporations. Working together with long-trusted partners, we can also ensure that you achieve the ideal result from a taxation point of view.

Compliance & Corporate Governance

When providing compliance advice, we identify legal risks, determine the specific actions needed and recommend organisational measures that will counter the risks present. We are always happy to take on compliance and corporate governance projects that ensure the implementation of the desired standards.

Commercial and Distribution Law/Competition Law

We advise manufacturers and suppliers, sales agents, contract negotiators, franchisors and franchisees on an ongoing basis in connection with national and international commercial contracts. We can also advise on all questions of transport law. We frequently solve problems of competition law relating to our clients’ distribution activities, including those that involve questions of EU law.

Business recovery/restructuring/insolvency

Ideally, restructuring measures are taken in order to avoid a crisis situation. When the first signs of a crisis are apparent, or a business is already in crisis, we can provide advice and support for the challenging process of implementing the necessary structural changes. Even when a company is insolvent and the management is obliged to petition for bankruptcy, there can be a significant interest in restructuring the business and continuing to trade. Our experts analyse legal and practical feasibility in such situations and support implementation. A well-prepared insolvency process, overseen by lawyers, can pave the way for successful business recovery. We are highly experienced in the dynamics that affect family businesses in particular when facing a crisis.


Legal or formerly legal entities sometimes need to be formally liquidated without any requirement for restructuring or insolvency. We can carry out the entire liquidation process on behalf of the owner. We provide advice to the managing director of the company to be liquidated on all questions related to the process, or may be appointed as liquidators ourselves to execute the entire process up to dissolution of the legal entity.

Company law conflict resolution

We are able to combine our expertise in company law and in case management, so that in cases of company law disputes we can intervene in contentious company general meetings with out-of-court measures, or assert your interests in court.

Copyright, trademarks and industrial design rights

We provide intellectual property rights consultation including protection of trademarks and industrial designs, as well as contract formulation and evaluation, and asserting your rights in court and out of court. Our team of experts can also assist you with legal questions related to internet domains, and offer support in M&A and due diligence processes.

General terms and conditions

We can draft new general terms and conditions of business (GTC) or review existing GTC – irrespective of the type of business and whether the GTC apply to business with consumers or companies. We can also advise you on data protection law matters for your customer relationships and online marketing – for example by drafting or reviewing required declarations of consent and contracts.

Art and culture

From companies in the creative industries, public institutions, artists and cultural institutions to distribution companies, publishing houses, authors, film producers, collectors and exhibitors – we can advise every player in the art and culture sector, across every aspect of the law. This ranges from copyright questions to, in particular, contract law, events law, business and trade law as well as procurement law, sponsorship and grants. We can also represent our clients in all of these areas in court and out-of-court-disputes.

Technology, media and telecommunications

We offer advice in IT, software and technology law as well as in media and information (or freedom of information) law. These services include reviewing and drafting licence agreements, overseeing approval and licensing procedures, asserting our clients’ rights in court and out of court, and providing consultation for carrying out M&A transactions and due diligence processes. We have specialised know-how in matters concerning open content, open source and open access.

Labour law

We advise our clients on matters of individual labour law – concerning the relationship between employer and employee (for example employment contracts) – as well as collective labour law, including drawing up works agreements, or reviews in relation to collective agreements. We also provide consultation on constitutional labour law and labour law compliance, and if required can represent you in court and out-of-court-disputes.

Professional Updates

Professional Updates

Our newest update in corporate and company law

12.10.2020Home Office - Rechte und PflichtenRead now >

Our Team
A team you can trust.


Julia Arztmann Associate


Mag. Julia Arztmann, LL.M. M.E.S.

Julia Arztmann was born in Villach in 1980. She grew up in Paris and completed her law studies at the Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas. She also studied at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich (LL.M) and at the University of Vienna (M.E.S. and Nostrification). In 2016 she successfully passed the bar exam and is mainly active in the areas of public law as well as general civil and corporate law.

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Mathias Dechant Attorney at law


Mag. Mathias Dechant

Mathias Dechant works in commercial and company law, intellectual property, IT and media law, and civil, civil procedure and labour law.

Mathias was born in Salzburg in 1986 and studied, among other disciplines, law at the University of Vienna. Before joining FSM, he was a lawyer and associate at PHH Rechtsanwälte and at PEHB Pressl Endl Heinrich Bamberger Rechtsanwälte (Salzburg).

From 2017 to 2019, Mathias worked at the “Addendum” media outlet, published by Quo Vadis Veritas Redaktions GmbH. His passion is the world of art and culture. He studied classical piano from the age of ten as an associate student at the Mozarteum University Salzburg, has published short prose works and is currently working on his dissertation on the topic of “Creative Commons licences – between copyright and digital reality?”.

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Sebastian Feuchtmüller Partner


Dr. Sebastian Feuchtmüller

The focus of his work lies in advising and representing public contracting authorities and bidders in public procurement law, as well as in the handling of complex construction and real estate projects. Sebastian Feuchtmüller is a lecturer and author of numerous publications.

Sebastian Feuchtmüller was born in 1982. He studied law at the University of Vienna and at the Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon. He was a university assistant at the Institute for Civil and Corporate Law at the Vienna university of Economics and Business Administration for several years. Prior to founding Feuchtmüller Stockert Moick Rechtsanwälte, Sebastian Feuchtmüller worked as attorney at law at Eisenberger & Herzog.

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Laura Glibusic

Laura Glibusic Associate


Mag. Laura Glibusic

Laura Glibusic studied law at the University of Vienna and the LSE in London. She works in the areas of corporate and business law and general civil law.

During her studies Laura Glibusic worked in several international law firms, mainly in the areas of corporate law, M&A and restructuring. Before joining FSM Rechtsanwälte as an associate, she completed her legal practice in Vienna.

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Hannes Havranek Partner


Mag. Hannes Havranek, LL.M.

Hannes Havranek primarily works in commercial and company law, with a focus on M&A, corporate, corporate governance and distribution law.
Hannes was born in Carinthia in 1972. He studied law at the University of Vienna and gained his LLM at University College Dublin.

Before joining FSM, Hannes Havranek was a eponymous partner of the commercial law firm PHH Rechtsanwälte. Prior to that he was head of the legal department at LIBRO AG.

The formal entry into the partnership will take place as soon as the legal separation from PHH Rechtsanwälte is completed.

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Alexander Hock Associate


Mag. Alexander Hock, LL.M.

Alexander Hock was born in 1993 in Vienna. He studied Law until 2017 at university of Vienna, 2020 he completed a Master degree in Real Estate Law at the same university. Alexander Hock has completed his court internship at the Bezirksgericht Innere Stadt as well as at the Handelsgericht in Vienna. He has additionally gained work experience in prestigious corporate law firms, including Wolf Theiss Rechtsanwälte.

Alexander Hock has been part of our FSM Team since it was founded in 2017, commencing as a legal assistant and has been an Associate since 2018. He primarily works in the field of real estate law, general civil law and procurement law.

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Hannah Kaiser

Hannah Kaiser Associate


Mag. Hannah Kaiser, LL.M.

Hannah Kaiser works as a trainee lawyer in the field of public procurement law. She studied law at the University of Vienna and completed a postgraduate master’s degree in tax law and accounting (LL.M.) with distinction.

During her studies she was a study assistant at the Institute for Corporate Law and a trainee at the Foreign Trade Centre of the WKO in London. Before joining FSM Rechtsanwälte, she completed her legal practice in the district of the Vienna Higher Regional Court.

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Gabriel Kielbasa Associate


Mag. Gabriel Kielbasa

Gabriel Kielbasa was born in 1993 and studied Law at the University of Vienna. He primarily works in the field of real estate law, general civil law and public procurement law.

During his legal studies, he gained working experience in several law firms. Among other things, he has worked as a legal trainee in an international law firm specialized in commercial law and transport law. Prior to joining FSM Rechtsanwälte, he has completed his practical training at the Commercial Court of Vienna, the Regional Court for Civil Matters of Vienna and the District Court Döbling. Since October 2020 he has been attending the postgraduate course Real Estate Management & Valuation at the Vienna University of Technology.

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Karlheinz Moick Partner


Dr. Karlheinz Moick

The focus of his work is advising and representing  public clients and bidders in public procurement law. He has particular expertise in the field of procurement of innovation (public procurement promoting innovation, innovation partnerships, contracts for research and development services, etc). He is a lecturer and author of numerous publications.

Karlheinz Moick was born in 1982 and studied law at the University of Vienna. His dissertation focused on the interfaces between public procurement law and competition law. After being trained as an attorney at law, Karlheinz Moick worked as a lawyer at Schramm Öhler Rechtsanwälte, a specialist public procurement law firm, for several years. Prior to re-registering on the list of attorneys, he was Deputy Head of the law department of a public contracting authority located in Vienna, where he was primarily responsible for all purchasing processes, including the handling of procurement procedures.

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Marvin Neuhauser Associate


Mag. Marvin Neuhauser

Marvin Neuhauser was born in 1991 and studied Law at University of Vienna. He primarily works in the field in real estate law, general civil law and public procurement law.

After graduating Marvin Neuhauser completed his practical training at the Vienna District Court for Commercial Matters and at Vienna Public Prosecutors. Prior to joining FSM Rechtsanwälte he worked as an Associate for the corporate law firm Schuppich Sporn & Winischhofer.

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Dörk Pätzold Partner


Dörk Pätzold

Dörk Pätzold is a registered lawyer in Vienna and Frankfurt am Main.
The main focus of his work is the reorganisation and restructuring of companies in economic difficulties or crisis situations with special expertise in advising family-run companies and groups of companies in order to avoid insolvency, as well as conflict solutions under company law. In doing so, he benefits from his extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of M&A, private equity, corporate law in general, insolvency and liquidation. Dörk Pätzold is regularly engaged to represent clients in merger control proceedings and competition law matters as well as in construction litigation.

Dörk was born in Leipzig in 1971. He studied law at the University of Leipzig and passed the second state exam in Bavaria.
Before joining FSM, he was a partner at PHH Rechtsanwälte for 13 years.

The formal entry into the partnership will take place as soon as the legal separation from PHH Rechtsanwälte is completed.

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Reinhard Pesek Attorney at law


Dr. Reinhard Pesek

His focus lies on real estate law, consumer law and general civil law as well as on advising clients on contractual issues related to public procurement procedures.

Reinhard Pesek was born in 1987 and studied law at the University of Vienna. After completing his diploma studies, he was university assistant at the Institute of Civil Law at the University of Vienna for four years. Before joining Feuchtmüller Stockert Moick Rechtsanwälte, he worked as an associate in a specialist real estate law firm. Reinhard Pesek regularly publishes on civil law topics and is the author of numerous publications on tenancy law. He is a permanent contributor to the trade journals “Wohnrechtliche Blätter” (wobl) and “immolex” as well as member of the editorial board of “immo aktuell”. Moreover, he is lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt.

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Sophie Reiter-Werzin Associate


Mag. Sophie Reiter-Werzin

Sophie-Anna Werzin was born in 1993. She studied Law at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz. She predominantly works in the field of procurement law and general civil law.

During her legal studies, she gained working experience in several corporate law firms, and has also worked as a volunteer at the foreign trade centre of the WKO in Berlin. Following graduation Sophie-Anna Werzin completed her court internship in the court circuit in Graz. Prior to joining Feuchtmüller Stockert Moick Rechtsanwälte she worked as an Associate in a law firm specialized in transport law. Furthermore, she worked as a legal assistant in the social policy department of the WKO.

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Alexander Ritlop Associate


Mag. Alexander Ritlop

Alexander Ritlop works primarily in commercial law and general civil law, focusing on distribution law and IT law.

He studied law at the University of Vienna and completed his clerkship at Vienna’s provincial court of appeal.

Before joining FSM as an associate, Alexander worked for PHH Rechtsanwälte in the corporate law team , first as a assistant and subsequently as an associate.

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Anna Maria Stelzer Associate


Dr. Anna Maria Stelzer

Anna Maria Stelzer focuses on commercial law, general civil law, property law and sports law. She studied law at the University of Vienna and the University of Edinburgh.

During her studies, she worked as a study assistant at the University of Vienna, and as a legal assistant for a law firm focused on public commercial law. After graduating, Anna Maria Stelzer worked for four years as a research assistant at the Institute for European, International and Comparative Law at the University of Vienna, where she still gives lectures in sports law.
Before joining FSM as an associate, she completed her clerkship in the district of the Vienna Higher Regional Court.

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Benedikt Stockert Partner


Mag. Benedikt Stockert, MSc.

His primary focus is the redesign and execution of complex construction and real estate projects, as well as the representation of clients before courts and administrative authorities.

Benedikt Stockert was born in Vienna in 1986. He studied Law at the University of Vienna and completed his Master degree in Real Estate Management and Valuation at the Technical University of Vienna (2012). Prior to Feuchtmüller Stockert Moick Rechtsanwälte being founded, Benedikt Stockert worked for the corporate law firms Dorda and Nepraunik Prammer Rechtsanwälte, amongst others.

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Franz-Christoph Sulzmann Associate


Franz-Christoph Sulzmann

Franz-Christoph Sulzmann was born in 1987 and studied business law at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. Bevor joining FSM Rechtsanwälte, he worked for over 11 years at the mechanical and plant engineering specialist ANDRITZ-HYDRO in Vienna. First 4 years as technical project manager for the automation of hydropower plants, then as assistant to the head of the Global Corporate Security department. During this time, Franz-Christoph Sulzmann completed his Master’s degree in Business Law and focused on antitrust and competition law, as well as economics. After graduating from court practice, he gained experience in the representation of interests as a legal advisor for the Federal Trade Division.

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Regardless of whether you are a student assistant, assistant or lawyer, are you someone who ist exceptionally qualified and likes to work in a highly motivated, humorous and fun-loving environment?

If so,  don’t hesitate to send your relevant documents to bewerbung@fsm.law.

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Are you #fsmtastic?

  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Dynamism
  • Freedom
  • Trust

It’s easy to talk about new models of work; we actually live them. We support our staff as best as we can in balancing work and family life.

We support and encourage our people to work in areas that they enjoy. This is how we are able to get the best out of them and present high-quality work. Because people only do really good work when they love what they do.

Our staff are enthusiastic and thrive on getting things done. Taking satisfaction in growing as a result of new challenges is at the forefront of how we work. Standing still is not an option. We can only fulfil our potential if we constantly work on ourselves.

We want to promote the individuality of everyone who works at our firm. Each member of the team should feel uninhibited to express their own personality in their daily work, and not feel that they need to disguise themselves.

We depend on each other. For us, teamwork goes without saying, as does respectful communication on an equal level and supporting each other as we go about our day-to-day work.

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