Allgemein 22.11.2018

Moick/Gföhler, BVergG 2018, Rulings of the highest court in principles


FSR-partner Karlheinz Moick has published a commantary regarding the BVergG 2018 together with Andreas Gföhler.

The authors assign every public procurement based decision of the high courts to every clause of the BVergG 2018 and create a profound, up to date overview. You benefit from:

  • over 4000 principles on public procurement based decisions of the EuGH, VfGH, VwGH and OGH since 1988 (the principles have been matched with the articles of the BVergG 2018 and systematically edited)
  • more than 600 principles of non-published “rejection decisions” of the VwGH
  • a comparison of the articles of the BVergG 2006 to those of the BVergG 2018.

Available at the Manz-webshop

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