Allgemein 12.06.2019

Lectures on public procurement law 2019


FSM at this year’s “Vergabeforum” and further public procurement law FSM-lectures in the second half of 2019:

  • 5th of September 2019, ARS: sectoral procurement law NEW – What you need to know about procurements in the sectoral area according to the BVergG 2018 (Sebastian Feuchtmüller and Karlheinz Moick)
    • Overview of the main regulations in sectoral public procurement law
    • Amendments to the new sectoral public procurement law under the BVergG 2018
    • Scope in sectoral public procurement law
    • Practical sample formulations for tender documents and current case studies
    • Further information and registration
  • 11th of October 2019, imh public procurement law update: innovation partnership – First experience (Karlheinz Moick)
    • Special features of the tender
    • Evaluation of the submitted research and innovation projects
    • Crucial points in the procedure of the Innovation Partnership
    • Tips for drafting contracts
    • Further information and registration
  • 17th of October 2019, Business Circle Vergabeforum 2019: Contracts in the tendering practice – innovations due to current supreme court judicature (Sebastian Feuchtmüller)
    • Contract optimization: Practical tips based on current decisions on warranty and guarantee, compensation, contract commitment and termination
    • Tendering deficiencies: interpretation to the disadvantage of the contracting authority or tenderer’s duty to warn?
    • legal consequences of errors in the concept, which only appear during the execution of the contract
    • Current sentences of the ÖNORM provisions
    • Further information and registration

And for last-minute planners:

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